The Urge to Purge: The Decluttering Trend

Author and decluttering expert Marie Kondo has sparked a frenzy of purging and organizing since her show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” first aired on Netflix on Jan. 1, 2019. Her method of organization – called KonMari – advises keeping only those items that “spark joy.” Across the United States this year, thrift stores have been inundated with donations of clothing and other goods that clearly must’ve failed at bringing joy to their owners.

The show’s debut was perfectly timed – many people are looking for a fresh start in January. Another opportunity for a fresh start is when you’re moving to a new apartment. If you’ve got to go through all your belongings anyway as you pack your moving boxes, why not take time to evaluate whether your belongings spark joy?

An Emotional Process

The KonMari method advises people to touch every item in their home during the decluttering process because the decision about whether an item sparks joy is purely emotional. If it doesn’t pass the touch test, set it aside in a “to-get-rid-of” pile.

The decluttering priorities of KonMari, in order of importance, are:

  • Clothes

  • Books

  • Papers

  • Miscellaneous items

  • Sentimental items

Each of those categories might have sub-categories (books could include reference books, cookbooks, and fiction, for example).

How to Test the Process

Once you’ve boxed up those items that don’t seem to spark joy, the next step is removing them from your home (donating them to a thrift store, giving them to friends, etc.). But this is the hard part for many people – what if you change your mind, and realize you gave away items that you wish you still had? You can do a test-run first – for example, put boxed items in storage and note whether you miss them at all in the coming days or weeks.

The Ultimate Goal: Being Surrounded by Beauty and Simplicity

The goal of KonMari is to create an ideal vision of home – an environment that is simplified, organized, and beautiful, promoting a sense of peace. While not specifically designed with KonMari in mind, Union Green Apartments in Brownsburg Indiana is a community that embodies the concept of being surrounded by beauty.

From the luxe finishes in each apartment to the meticulous landscaping of our outdoor areas, Union Green promotes a sense of style and elegance. Our commercial-quality fitness center, resort-style saltwater pool, and valet trash service are just a few of the amenities that enrich life at Union Green. We also offer modular closet organization systems from California Closets in select floor plans, or upon request.

Come see Union Green and envision yourself here: (317) 286-7242.

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